Exhibition Competition for specialization in the studios of Cite des Arts

1. 15.11.-25.11.2010 Exhibition Competition for specialization in the studios of Cite des Arts (Cite Internationale des Arts) – Paris, Kunstlerhauz – Schwandorf, Germany and GEDOK Bavaria, Germany 2011

Opening November 15, Monday, 18.00 pm, 6 Shipka Street, Floor 3 and 4

This year 60 actors will compete in the annual competition for specialization in Cite des Arts. The announcement of these awards has always been associated with many emotions for the artists who are members of the UBA. The competition is one of the most prestigious and most persistent. This year marks 35 years since it is held by the UBA. Withstood the years, the race is upgraded and with completed status. Next year (only once), the selected candidates for Cite des Arts will be 10 unlike previous years when the specialists were 12. They will be two for Schwandorf as for a third year and in addition to this will be announced a new award for female artist – to stay in Bavaria in accordance with an agreement with the Munich Society of Women Artists (GEDOK).

On November 15 residents for 2011 will be selected and their names will be announced at the opening of the exhibition at 18.00 pm.


Cite des Arts exists as an international residency for artists in Paris since 1965. The initiative for its creation was launched by “Cite des Arts” foundation in 1957, when a committee comprising of Mr Andre Malraux – Minister of Culture of France, Mr. Felix Bruno – Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, the mayor of Paris, representatives of the municipality of Paris and others laid the beginning. It was envisaged to built a building where artists from around the world would reside, work and specialize.

Bulgaria was invited and included in the initiative. From the very beginning Bulgarian artists start to reside in Paris. Since 1975 the Union of Bulgarian Artists is in charge of the contest. News source: Maria Avramova, UBA and Cultural-news.info

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