Contemplation and Life through colour, lights and shadows in “Altera” Art Center

28.11.2010 / 10:12 BGNES Information Agency, Culture Section – Contemplation and Life through colour, lights and shadows in “Altera” Art Center

One kind of celebration of skillfully selected color combinations will make you sharpen your senses and sink into contemplation for a few minutes. Until January, 10th Gallery Altera displays 23 works by the artist Ludmil Georgiev, reported BGNES.

Experts say that works with poetic tenderness and easiness broadcast their messages. They also say that they feel particularly attracted to the measure, balance and contemplative restraint. One deprived of material functionality space creates life through color, light and shadows. The artist himself says that he insists each of them to have good aesthetics to guarantee that a person watching his works will not go away very angry. He says that what appears in Altera has been done during his breaks. With the exception of 1 or 2 works made last year, most were made during this one. The exhibition has no specific message, the artist doesn’t impose his worldview, he says that one of the conditions for those observing his work is to be prepared to adopt a two-dimensional images and alone, according to their own criteria and their own understanding and worldview to imagine something.

“Some people say that my work makes them very excited, others say the colours are terrible – everyone finds something, but this is halfabstraction which is filled with intangible things and there are many things one can detect and therefore is happy or unhappy” Georgiev describes its work. For a fist time he is painting with new equipment and in a new way. “This is a drawing and mixed technique, there is a hit with plastic plates and metal and then there is one afterpainting. In general one very artistic thing I insisted to be the way it is – without adjustments, without different retouches – to be shown because the difference between this and the technique that I used before is great” describes his work Georgiev. He argues that this is a temporary, fleeting tasting of things. It turned out, however, pleasant, as he modestly says, and therefore decided that it should be shown. He has not given up on the technique that he has been using so far – deep stamp on metal – just has decided to experiment, to experience and to show his worldview though other materials and other means.

He acknowledges that he hasn’t been exhibited in Sofia for a long time and hasn’t reminded of himself to friends and so decided to make the exhibition. However, he pulled luck with the gallery because as he says: “I woke up and decided that tomorrow I have to do an exhibition, but it doesn’t work this way”. However, a colleague of him cancelled his exhibition and the gallery was free. He smiled at the question which one is his favorite piece of work but explained that he believed that the favorite things are those made very fast and very easily without straining, without labor, the works that doesn’t cause you trouble. “So it is in life” said Georgiev and gave an example:” The best friend is the one who is not causing you any problem and so are the comfortable shoes” explained with a smile Ludmil Georgiev.

BGNES recalls that on 25 November in one of the halls of the WTC Interpred opened a graphic exhibition of the artist Ludmil Georgiev, who, after a three-year pause, decided to again remind of himself through the wonderful and exciting color graphics in Altera Gallery.

Recognition for the talent of the artist is also the recently won competition “Site d’Ezar which takes place between members of the UBA and which entitles the artist to exhibit his drawings in Paris for two months next year. Ludmil Georgiev was born in 1962 in the city of Knezha. He graduated The Teacher Institute in Dupnitsa – art discipline. Since 1987 he has been participating with his graphics in all regional and national exhibitions. Since 1994 he is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists – Graphic Section. He lives and works in Sofia. Ludmil Georgiev participated in numerous international exhibitions in Austria, Italy, Spain, Japan, Germany, Poland, Serbia, etc. He has organized personal exhibitions in Bulgaria, Germany and Turkey. / BGNES .

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