About Author

The world in Ludmil Georgiev’s graphics is mysterious and full of unexpected visions. The artist takes us in unusual directions, dimensions, and places, born out of his emotions and sensibilities.
Visually enticing, without being exact in terms of time and space, as well as subject matter, his paintings tell stories, share with the viewer human memories, recall sensual experiences, but also rely for their perception on our intellectual capacity.
The images he paints appear to us as if out a dream – a stone, a boat, a kite, a moon, sometimes they stand out, sometimes they are incomprehensible as apparitions of another world. The artist is able to give us his sense of day and night, of land and water, of seasonal change, and home. We can almost hear the silence of the night, the movement of the wind; we can feel the heaviness of the stone, the warmth of late summer in St.Martin’s, the stillness of the water, and even the lonely shimmer of the moon. The exquisite light or full line, the color, the different strokes and shapes are the means by which Ludmil Georgiev is able to invoke thoughts and feelings, and to import them to us, the spectators. Colour breaks out of its physical meaning, appearing to function as a meaningful sign, full of rhythm. The textural and structural contrasts, caused by the varying density of the coloured matter, find their expression in different shades of red, blue, grey, and white, reaching unfamiliar tensions and peculiar emphasis. The geometry of the forms deepens the different power of the colours and the directions of movement. Ascending or descending, broken or disappearing, and reappearing again line turns the flat surface into volume and vice versa. It takes our sight to some definite form, surrounded by colour with heightened intensity. Thus, separate fragments gain respective weight depending on how colourful they are, depending on their size and form, certain elements being dominant in some way carries a definite suggestion with it. What remains an untold break out on another meaningful level? It affects us on a subconscious level, touching the mind and the heart.
The process of communication turns into a research process into looking for the unexpected. The eye has to roam incessantly. As soon as we get accustomed to the general disposition of forms, lines and colours, we begin to perceive from the start unnoticeable shades of colour, and how the delicate graphic sign, covered by the light fog of the general tone creates a feeling for the exact the clear.
The painter has turned his graphics into an open system, in which it is not the themes that are so different, but the strokes on the sheet. In order to achieve this, the artist is always looking to soften something in one place so that he can place the emphasis somewhere else. The familiar cycles and images give birth to a different meaning, and lead us to new values. The constant development of one idea makes us eager to inspect his next work in order to see what new directions and meanings the artist has come up with. In those works the artist allows us the right of free interpretation of the image, encouraging us m our desire to dream, in our pleasure of discovering the unknown in a whole, but infinite world, where the harmonious finds life through the unnoticeable inaccuracies and dissonances, reminding us of an ancient fresco or medieval vitrage.

Adelina Fileva